Established in 1943, Amathus Public Ltd has grown over the years into a multidimensional group of companies involved in a wide spectrum of activities in Transport, Travel, and Tourism. Through its fully owned subsidiary, Amathus Corporation Ltd, Amathus provides a wide span of services ranging from cargo transportation and logistics to ship agency and chartering and from airline representation to corporate and leisure travel. Amathus also has a portfolio of investments in hotels and hotel management companies. Amathus Public Ltd is listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange since 1976 and is a member of the Lanitis Group.



To be a profitable quality service provider in the Travel, Tourism, and Transport industry



Develop our people to create better solutions by enhancing service and achieving greater savings for our clients



We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards, integrity, sincerity, reliability, trust, and social contribution across all our operations


Key Subsidiaries/Associates:
  • KA Olympic Lagoon resorts Ltd (48%)
  • Claridge public Ltd (41%)
  • Leisure holdings S.A. (43%)
  • Amathina holdings (25%)
  • Hortitsa Trading Ltd (30%)
Key Subsidiaries/Associates:
  • Amathus Maritime Ltd (90%)
  • Amathus Travel Ltd (100%)
  • Amathus (UK) Ltd (100%)
  • AMPM Travel Ltd (100%)
  • ANC Worldchoice Holidays Ltd (100%)
  • Air Promotion Group Cyprus Ltd (100%)
  • Amathus Aegeas Ltd (50%)
  • Amathus Hellas S.A. (50%)
  • Orange Travel (Cyprus) Ltd (50%)
  • ANC Cargo Ltd (49%)
  • APG (Malta) Ltd (33%)
  • 2Serve Ltd (20%)



Key Subsidiaries/Associates:

  • KA Olympic Lagoon resorts ltd (48%)
  • Claridge public ltd (41%)
  • Leisure holdings S.A. (43%)
  • Amathina holdings (25%)
  • Hortitsa Trading ltd (30%)

Key Subsidiaries/Associates:

  • Amathus Maritime ltd (90%)
  • Amathus Travel ltd (100%)
  • Amathus (UK) ltd (100%)
  • AMPM Travel ltd (100%)
  • ANC Worldchoice Holidays ltd (100%)
  • Air Promotion Group Cyprus ltd (100%)
  • Amathus Aegeas Ltd (50%)
  • Amathus Hellas S.A. (50%)
  • Orange Travel (Cyprus) ltd (50%)
  • ANC Cargo ltd (49%)
  • APG (Malta) ltd (33%)
  • 2Serve Ltd (20%)


In Amathus our people have a passion for their work and great respect for our clients. Through our people we guarantee service excellence, reliability and consistency, and safe and timely implementation of solutions for our clients and principals.

Our people are well trained, motivated and inspired to achieve and encouraged to be innovative and think outside the box. They are focused on delivering solutions and dedicated to meet the highest performance standards. We are committed to the personal development of our people through continuous training and development and our appreciation that everyone can make a difference.

Amathus Corporation Ltd and its subsidiary Amathus Travel Ltd have implemented the Investors in People framework to strengthen their people oriented culture and have been certified for implementing best practices towards equal opportunity employment.


The Lanitis Group of Companies, one of the largest business groups in Cyprus, was established towards the end of the 19thcentury and is currently under the leadership of the fourth generation of the Lanitis family.

Based on its values – reliability, integrity, quality and social contribution – the Group plays a pioneering and innovative role in the industries that it operates in through time. While securing its sound financial standards, the Group at the same time participates and contributes actively in the economy and the society of the country.

The companies of the Group are active in a diversified set of business fields, such as construction, property development, tourism and travel, hotels, transport, leisure and entertainment, restaurants, golf, marina, energy, trading and agriculture.

Lanitis Group

Lanitis Group


The basic principle and commitment of the company and the philosophy of its members is to provide customers high level services that cover their conventional requirements. In order to achieve the above, the Management of the Company has established an Integrated Management System according to the requirements of the International Standards of Quality Management (ISO 9001), Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) in reference to the following Scope: “Provision of travel services: booking and sale of air and sea tickets, accommodation, trains, car rentals, transfers, cruises, holiday packages and other tourist services at the destination” (Amathus Travel Ltd) and “Airline representation for passengers and cargo and sales and Marketing” (Amathus Corporation Ltd), which is applied in all the processes that can affect its services’ quality, its employees’ health/safety and welfare, the environmental aspects, and therefore its customers’ satisfaction. The Integrated management systems have been certified by Q-CERT.


Amathus Corporation Ltd is committed to protecting personal data and respecting the rights of our data subjects: the people whose personal data we collect and use.

We value the personal information entrusted to us and we respect that trust, by complying with all relevant laws, regulation and adopting good practice.

We process personal data to help us:

a) recruit, support and manage staff;
b) maintain our accounts and records;
c) promote our services;
d) maintain the security of property and premises;
e) respond effectively to enquirers and handle any complaints


Amathus Corporation Ltd is an active supporter of UNGC and continues to support the United Nations Global Compact with its ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

These principles are consistent with company’s values which continue to be embedded across all its operations. These are integrity – Sincerity – Reliability – Trust – Social Contribution and commitment to maintain high ethical standards in all its operations.

Amathus corporation also contributes to the Evagoras and Katleen foundation as a member of the Lanitis Group. The Foundation was founded in November 2001 by Costas, Platon, Marios and Isabella Lanitis, children of Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis. It has been registered according to the law, as a non-profit organisation, based in Limassol.The Foundation was created in memory of the late Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis and aims to continue their social contribution. Currently it is the “vehicle” via which the Lanitis Group and its subsidiary companies are contributing to the society through a specific plan of activities (Corporate Social Responsibility Plan).

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